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Kudos to Frost


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I was calling for some staff changes early on. Stupidly I had it completely ass backwards as I lobbied for some coaching changes on the defensive side. :Speechless: Oh well can't win them all.
Yea, our early D had poor fits and until this year, little to no depth on O.
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If we do see significant improvements, the Kudos ultimately go to ADTC for the changes and expectations he’s made to/for the Football Program.

Yes, those reporting up to ADTA should be recognized as well, but the impetus for the changes that caused these (potential) improvements is ADTA.

It’s going to be very interesting to watch.
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Where we all the experts calling for staff changes prior to last year? I think it's selective memory as it was a pretty lonely island for those doing it early.
I think there were many questioning things after his first year, and definitely after 2019. Hell, maybe weren’t happy with the coaches he brought here before his first season. It was somewhat overlooked because Scott was so cocky, and said all the things he said, and at the time, most loved it and believed it. I believe I cautioned that this unanimous hire is scary. Everyone was for it, myself included. I did mention that, the public is usually wrong, by Las Vegas standards. I definitely cautioned about it.
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