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Nebraska vs Wisconsin Cancelled

To get a cancellation from 6 players, they had to be manipulating the testing numbers and dropping it down to the 2% discretionary number. 6/.02 = less than 300 tests in 5 days or less than 60 per day.

6 players in 5 days is also almost certainly a number they have seen before and didn't shut down operations.
Should be a forfeit. This was Wisconsin's call to shut it down. They have not yet met B1G criteria to cancel.

Why, gnt? What position do you play?

It's not just about football, Cardinal. Anyone who thinks it's just about football hasn't been listening.
As far as whether it's a forfeit or not, why bother having actually thresholds if a team can just decide on their own? Why bother testing every day if we need to worry about the scenario you laid out?
As of this writing Wisconsin has not met the B1G criteria for game cancellation, but has unilaterally decided to not play. Therefore the game should be a forfeit NOT a cancellation!!! Where is the B1G office on this call?

Wisconsin should be called for TARGETING (NU) - but won't be. Alvarez was clearly not leading with his head! :Banana:
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So hypothetical question, if Wisconsin played Ohio state, and Wisconsin cancels due to covid would Ohio state make the playoffs if they dominated every game they played, or are they left out of the playoffs because they only played 7 games? I thought I heard someone say you must play at least 8 games to be eligible
It does not say it is a No Contest if one team chooses to cancel. They have no protocol for that. To declare it a No Contest is not consistent with the protocol.

Here’s what I think they are using. Kind of an all encompassing escape clause.

Orange/Orange and Orange/Red – team must proceed with caution and enhance COVID-19 prevention (alter practice and meeting schedule, consider viability of continuing with scheduled competition)

if I read their numbers correctly (and to be sure, who knows what the protocol actually means) they don’t breach it enough for cancellation. Numbers wise....they are simply using that broad language and cancelling.


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