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Nebraska vs Rutgers - Game #4 - 2023 Big Ten Baseball Tournament - (5-24-23) Wed. - 2 pm Ctrl - Chas Schwab Field - Omaha

I don't care what anyone thinks about Maryland still being the best team. Iowa is totally scary!! They can hit.......and thye can pitch!!


And as I said in the tournament thread I started, Iowa hasn't lost a series since April 9. They were the hottest team entering the Big Ten Tournament. And yes, the best pitching staff in the B10 (and #17 in team ERA nationally). Nothing is more important in the postseason than quality pitching.
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We had a good chance to score in the 1st!! :( Just have to hang in there. Had 2 on and 2 outs, with an error and a single. Ended with a K!
Good luck. Off to karaoke :Wave:

I will be watching on my phone. :)
There's rain not far from Omaha currently. I confess, I haven't seen what's changed in the weather pattern and computer models over Nebraska in a few days. Just a heads up.
Wow!!! :(

2 on and 2 outs
1b Hacopian up. Hang in there
6 hr 44 rbi 329 avg
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I'm expecting this game to go extras now. After an hour-and-a-half-long lightning delay, followed by a 10-minute plus(?) challenge delay. And this game was humming along through 6.
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