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Nebraska vs Rutgers - Game #4 - 2023 Big Ten Baseball Tournament - (5-24-23) Wed. - 2 pm Ctrl - Chas Schwab Field - Omaha

Bryce Matthews has a chance at his 20th stolen base for becoming the first Husker in history to record a 20 - 20. He currently has 20 HR's 19 stolen bases.

I edited this because I thought he had 21 dingers, but they said 20. But either way, he has the Huskers first ever 20 - 20.
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Matthews becomes Nebraska's first 20 - 20 player with a stolen base. However, we strike out to end the inning. Congrats to Bryce.

That's a BS call as far as I am concerned. He didn't stick his elbow out, it went downward. We just got screwed unless we hit a HR.


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