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Ice fishing

Finally got out on the ice this year. Later in the year than I was hoping but got to fish none the less. January saw both Influenza A and Covid go through my house so it cut into fishing time. Anyway, fished a couple hours on Sunday afternoon and caught a few perch. Got some filets for the freezer and hope to add some more before winter is gone. Here's to a few more trips on the ice. Happy fishing!
This isn't me, but check this out.
Minnesota angler Rick Konakowitz couldn’t quite tell what he had on the end of his line. He was ice fishing for crappie and walleye last Wednesday at Clear Lake, near the town of New Ulm. Konakowitz says he had already caught at least one crappie—when he says another fish struck his Glow Devil lure. Konakowitz was surprised by the fish’s bright yellow hue when he brought it to the surface.
Took up ice fishing for the first time this year. Loved it, but was disappointed that the season was so short. From what I understand a more normal temperature year allows you to fish into March.
Unfortunately Kansas sucks for ice fishing. Even if it's been really cold you can't trust the ice. It would be fun to go north and get on some fish. Good luck to everyone that has good ice.
It's been years since I've been. Much more sophisticated now as I undrerstand it. I remember 50 years ago freezing my ass off on Red Willow lake (Hugh Butler) with a hand aguer and no shelter spending the day trying to haul in..........anyting. LOL.


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