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Bad news

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Scout Team
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I am afraid this is very true, and with this being his 3rd charge would be potentially devastating career wise. If true, and again I am fairly confident, the best thing is that he didn't kill anyone during this lapse in judgement. Sad day!


Travel Squad
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The administrative penalties for a BAC alcohol level equal to or greater than .15 are as follows:

Fine up to $10,000

License suspension from 5 to 15 years

Vehicle immobilization for minimum 5 days and up to 8 months or vehicle impoundment

Installation of Ignition Interlock Device if judge orders

Attendance at chemical dependency education or treatment program

Maybe there is a Chance for UNL to save him. But yes it does kill his Prowess in Recruiting.


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Jeez, what a stupid move. And even on the night when the biggest recruit is in town.

I'm glad no one was hurt and if he has a problem, I hope he seeks help.
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Founding Father
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A whole lotta good momentum just came to a screeching halt.... absolutely debilitating. Just wait till Ohio St WR coach gets a hold of this....... sad gorilla for sure.

Texas, Texas, Texas!


Trust the Frostcess
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Absolutely ridiculous to act so foolishly, especially when the number 1 guy on your board is in town and you are trying to impress him.

I wasn't aware of his previous offenses, either. Disappointing day for Husker Nation.
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