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4 Star WR Demariyon Houston Will Announce His School On NSD At 10AM

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This kid is a standout player who comes from an OKC perennial powerhouse program - Millwood. Every year MW typically puts out multiple D-1 players & this year is no exception - I think he was rated top 5 in the state. Though they are 2A school (6A is the highest class, i.e. Jenks & Union etc.,) MW is a rival & historically very competitive against larger OKC schools despite fielding teams with less players. Alumni include Joe Carter & the Woods brothers.

Anyway, this kid is dynamic, fast & productive and I recall a big deal was made locally when he commited to the Whorns which likely kept the OU & it’s little brother at bay. Houston would be a great get for DONU & definitely not a fall back.


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Yes, it is. Based on OVs, it looks like it down to Nebraska (January 19 weekend) and Minnesota (December 8 weekend), so I would guess we will see some crystal ball picks trending toward Nebraska soon.

being the last visit is good. But Minnesota has gotten good players to go there