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Tyreke Johnson has something to say....


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Or maybe not. Sounds BIG MAD about something. To be honest, I had to Google his name; it's been a while since I had heard it.

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I would have thought 9 months after the firing the SF stuff would be done by now. But then I also believed more of it would have came out 3 months after. This just needs to die a short death. SF nor Nebraska need a book written on this. Most of us have only seen tidbits.
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His message would carry a lot more weight if he wasn’t completely buried on the depth chart of a 4-8 team. Wonder if he signed an NDA or his NIL contract was tied to performance metrics.

He didn’t and he was still overpaid.

There's that famous Barry Switzer quote about some people being born on third base. Harrison Beck thought he hit a walk-off grand slam to win the World Series in Game 7 and in reality he was watching the grounds crew mow the outfield of the local YMCA field on a Tuesday afternoon.
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Honestly, his name didn't ring a bell for me. Likely had some talent, maybe just not as much as he may have thought. Oftentimes when someone goes on a rant there's some truth as to what they're mad about, and also a whole lot of "the other side of the story" that they don't mention.


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