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Tyreke Johnson has something to say....


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There's that famous Barry Switzer quote about some people being born on third base. Harrison Beck thought he hit a walk-off grand slam to win the World Series in Game 7 and in reality he was watching the grounds crew mow the outfield of the local YMCA field on a Tuesday afternoon.

I had a lot of self confidence as a football player until I went to my first camp in Lincoln in the early '80's. It was pretty obvious immediately that all the other kids in the group had as much confidence, talent, etc. and were all bigger and faster.

That's why I was not so surprised when the D1 scholarships didn't come rolling in.

Beck must not have been to too many camps.


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I remember Tyreke, I had high hopes for him based on star rankings and recruiting (I know, foolish). He is getting deservedly roasted in the comments of his tweet.
Just off the top of my head, NU has seemed to do better in the portal with guys who were lightly recruited (say 3*) but were late bloomers than highly recruited guys who didn't crack any PT at other schools so transferred.

The safer bet is probably a 3* who is a late bloomer trending up than a 4* transferring because of a lack of playing time.


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I can't believe that a kid who was told his whole life, probably, how awesome he was and then gets to the next level and is disappointed that everyone who is at this level is pretty good. Doesn't play or get paid and its someone elses fault.

I am just shocked.
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