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Spring Practice #8 (4/10/18)

Redshirt freshman Tristan Gebbia is “doing some good things” both in the air and on the ground. Sophomore Patrick O’Brien “can really throw it” and has done a nice job so far learning the playbook. Freshman Adrian Martinez is “showing signs” of his talent as he recovers from a shoulder injury that cost him his senior year of high school. UCF transfer Noah Vedral is about where you’d expect, he just can’t play, and walk-on Andrew Bunch has surprised.

“He’s a lot more athletic than I expected him to be,” Frost said. “When he takes off running, he can make some things happen. He’s been a pleasant surprise for me because I wasn’t expecting as much as I’ve seen.”

In total, Frost just wants to see his guys get more familiar with things.

“It’s funny watching, that position more than any other takes a while and once it clicks it really clicks,” Frost said. “There’s a lot of details and little things happening really fast and quarterbacks have to be able to manage all that. I see every one of the guys making some good plays and then a play that’s not so good and most of the time it’s because they’re just a little behind mentally, they don’t quite understand the concept or they can’t quite get there in the time it takes us to snap the ball.

“As a group, I’m really pleased with those guys and look forward to watching them all get to the point where it’s going to click.”