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Spring Practice #8 (4/10/18)

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This Spring is moving along at a quick pace.

I will be at work today so will once again ask y'all to help out in anyway you can. :)

Tue 4/10, 7:30-10 a.m.
Coach Frost, 2-4 selected players available to the media



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QB's need to manage their displays of negative emotions. Prima dona's not allowed.

“Some guys are going to show more emotion than others, I get that,” the coach said. “But in terms of the negative part — never, never, never. In other words, don’t ever embarrass your teammates with your verbal comments or your hand gestures.”

More of that "culture" stuff. Take care of the brother on your left and the brother on your right...

There's a grown-up coaching the QB's who realizes that being good leaders starts with being good teammates.
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