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Proper Replacement For Our Balloons?

the fountainhead

Scout Team
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I'm pretty sure we could find something about every university's traditions and call for a ban in the name of the planet. Go ahead and post some of them for me please, I could use a good chuckle today.
I think they generally just go around looking for excuses to pitch a fit.

Red Dead Redemption

Baba Yaga
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Texas A&M - Kingsville had to ban their tradition of tossing tortillas in the stands because some idiot students started freezing them.
Need to find a way to keep the tortillas airborne....

I know!
Tie the tortillas to balloons so they will be carried away and not hit anyone!:thumbsup:


Rebel Scum
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I am no expert, are you sure that the balloons are already biodegradable? If so then I say we should send that group some red sand and tell them to pound it.

Let me think... ouch that hurts...

We could shoot up some sort of device that would explode a couple hundred feet above the stadium, creating a football shaped red smoke cloud the size of the stadium that would hover for 30-60 seconds. Done.
They are biodegradable

Greatest Fan of All

The Legend
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A waste of helium...and a tradition I don't care about at all. No reason to replace it. If adults need something to keep their children interested, I recommend selling all red cotton candy instead.

Maybe a cannon shot after each TD...the Omaha Mustangs did that for awhile.
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Mayor of Shinola
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Beginning of football season must be here.

Get rid of balloons
Speakers are too loud
Music played at the game I don't like
Coaches are paid too much
Athletes should be paid

Rinse and repeat around this time in 2019.
Yes and one more thread on starting QB. Glad I'm going TDY next week ... it will put me a week closer to September 1.