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Proper Replacement For Our Balloons?


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The entire thing started from him attacking personally... period!! I NEVER mentioned this guy in post #12... period. He started with his statement... read it again. Sounds like you have a problem with that term... well if you can't take a joke.... you know the rest. I'm done with it but it appears the VAST majority of people enjoyed post #12. End of this story because I'm done with it. Have a good day....

BTW where exactly did I call anyone stupid? Those terms seem to be used by you and your new pal.........
I meant "Me silly", not "my stupidity". My bad and edited my post for accuracy.

We all know why that term is used and by who. I am neither left or right but injecting a term that references a large segment of people as slow based on their political views is injecting political crap, that was my point.

I will have a good day.

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