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Official B1G Season Will Begin October 24: Unanimously Approved; Schedule will be 8+1

I'm most concerned with the 21-day (minimum) required quarantine for positive tests. I could easily see teams not being able to field a competent teams (will they have required min numbers at each position to play?) -- and then without bye weeks, you can't postpone the games and make them up later like the other conferences are able to (and have already).

I wonder if the walk on program that Nebraska has will be beneficial in this? We have very good numbers on the roster, someone is out, move up the next guy. Obviously not everyone is in as good of a situation as we are.

Everyone will be lucky to get 6 games in with the criteria the b1g set. I don't see how a team from the b1g will be able to justify a playoff birth.

I agree.

Maybe I'm the Karen Downer of the day, but I see the Big Ten being set up for failure. At least in regards to a playoff invitation. Heck, I don't know for certain the committee would invite a team that only played 2-3 games less than the other conferences even if the Big Ten teams do complete their full schedules.

Anyhow, I suppose I'm getting ahead of myself. At least we'll see some football games, which is better than zero. Just far from convinced we are anywhere near on par with the other conferences.
Posted this in the other thread:

"Sit for 21 days? It just sounds like we are setup for failure. If teams can't field a team & there are no bye weeks how can we succeed? Any team with an outbreak would forfeit 3 games minimum and 3 other teams won't get to play.

If there are more than 2 outbreaks the B1G brass will have their 'I told you so' moment & have a reason to cancel the season".
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