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Official B1G Season Will Begin October 24: Unanimously Approved; Schedule will be 8+1

Do we ever have 8 games straight in a regular season?

2018 -- but that was because of the storm cancelling the first game and then Bethune-Cookman being placed in what was our bye week.

Of course, this season ends when the postseason begins (if there's bowl games) -- or 1-2 weeks later than the other conferences, meaning less time off for any Big Ten team that might make the playoff.
A 5% positivity rate within a team will mandate halting practice and competition for a minimum of seven days.

This is lower than the general public and doesn't really say anything without a time duration. Is that 5% for any test, 5% for the week, 5% for the duration?

Need to go on the LSU or Texas Tech plan and have everyone get it before the season.

A lot of the success of this season (I'm just talking about playing, not necessarily winning) will be on the players shoulders. No parties, wear a mask, stay away from anyone not on the football team, wash your hands, sanitize. Let's hope and pray they can get through this without any major hiccups.

They will need to thread a needle with a 21 day isolation for a positive test. Zero room for error.
I'm most concerned with the 21-day (minimum) required quarantine for positive tests. I could easily see teams not being able to field a competent team (will they have required min numbers at each position to play?) -- and then without bye weeks, you can't postpone the games and make them up later like the other conferences are able to (and have already).
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Although officially no bye weeks scheduled, likely several games will be cancelled under the strict COVID protocols, and there'll be teams playing between 6-8 games. And likely lots of teams playing with depleted rosters, including big stars.

Wonder how they'll pick conference champ game teams?
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