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Official B1G Season Will Begin October 24: Unanimously Approved; Schedule will be 8+1

I'm so proud of Nebraska (the team and the state) for not buckling to the B1G and toeing the conference line. The league can stick it to us if they want with a crappy schedule of opponents, but we (with a lot of help from Ohio St.) largely caused the league to back off its stance that their earlier decision to postpone the season would not be re-visited.

8 games in 8 weeks and the CCG on 19 December

Wow no off week

8 straight weeks without a bye -- 9 straight for the two championship game participants ... and then if there's any bowl games, that'll roll right away with some not getting a week off .... heck, if teams don't lose too many players due to 21-day quarantines, there's going to be some physically worn down teams for any postseason.

Also in the article: no fans (but could be revisted later)
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The previous revised schedule was no picnic. Those non-conference games REALLY would have helped our win column. This will be brutal but we gotta play.

I see maybe 3-4 wins on that list above.
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