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Nebraska vs Omaha - 4-11-23 - Tuesday - 6:05 pm Ctrl - Hawks Field

Ben ab lh

brk ball over
0-1 count
1-1 count
289 10 rbi 0 hrs

fouled off rt sidie
1-2 count

dh Anglim ab 360 avg

tie it up!!

rh vs rhp

brk ball over
Anglim bends and it costs
3 hr 10 rbi

1-1 count

nice stop
2-1 count

got a gal calling the game
she is better than the older guys!!

hit hi to ctr...Goetzman has it for
3rd out!!

0-2 after 2 1/2
For anyone getting on late, there should
be not score!!! Brice and Fischer making
terrible decisions, costing both runs.

overthrow by Brice, to 2nd
and Fischer diving and making a single
a triple
They just showed the boner by Fischer, once
Frederick ab
hit rt side
and it is just foul !
Ben slow to the ball
or he is tagged out

hit to rt ctr and it falls
Man, another lead off man on!

Boeve ab

lh vs rhp

inside corner for strike!!!
0-2 count

fouled to left and to the wall...it is gone!!! Barely
fair, at the pole

4-0 on a wind-aided hr. All wind!!
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