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Nebraska vs Omaha - 4-11-23 - Tuesday - 6:05 pm Ctrl - Hawks Field

cf Casey at the bat
309 1 10 rbi

hit rt side/foul/jammed
0-1 count

shows bunt
it is up and called strike!! :(
0-2 count

1-2 count

showing bunt?

over to 1st
back in time

Max ab 2ab rh
407 avg 11 hr

s/m on a high pitch!
0-1 count

s/ on high pitch
and Brice is caught stealing!!
2 down
0-2 count on Max

top of 2nd inning:

CF Goetzmann ab 196 avg

fast ball
1-0 count
in for strke
1-1 on fast ball

outside/fast ball
2-1 count

fouled off left side

half the time, not showing stats!!

s/m!! high fast ball!!

1 out
C Rosario 293

and called a strike
brk ball
0-1 count

hit to ss
and Brice throws
the ball away..into
right field!! Geeeez!!

men on corners!!

Brice threw it overhead
instead of under handed!!
0-1 count
hit to rt fld
and Fischer has it
another run comes in
because of faulty defense!!
0-2 :(

Unfriggin' believable!!
2b Lechnir at
snag by Brice over 2b
for the out

a little late, good play
by Brice!! Man, his fielding
is still terrible!!

end of 1 1/2

we are down 2-0 on two
bad defensive plays!!!
Brice's toss to 2b was thrown
hard and high, even though
he was close to 2nd!!! OK, I'm done!! :(
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3 of last 5 games, Omaha
has defeated the Huskers!!

lh Fischer ab
in the dirt


make up for the error!
275 3 hrs


fouled off
1-2 count
cannot believe the
1st strike!!
way in..and a ball!! Yay!!

2-2 count

s/m!! brk ball


1 out :(

Caron ab
fouled off
0-1 count
320 avg 4 17 rbi

fouled back
0-2 count

up and away
1-2 count
this ump scares me
some times!!

down and in the dirt
this one he says: ball!!
2-2 count
inside, barely
can't believe it is called a ball!!
full count

fouled off left side; foul
into the dugout
full count again


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