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Nebraska vs Omaha - 4-11-23 - Tuesday - 6:05 pm Ctrl - Hawks Field

2-2 count

hit to rt ctr
and Casey has it

down, 6-5, folks!
Can we get another
rally? Hang on!!
btm of 10th coming up

Ben ab lh vs rhp

fast ball outside corner
0-1 count

hit to left fld...foul..falls
in front of berm
0-2 count

in for a strike
0-1 count

brl ball over??
Wow!! up/in!!
0-2 count

s/m on a high/hard one!!

Gabe is our last chance

down the pipe!! Just looking!!
0-1 count!!

hit to rt fld..shallow
and we lose this one!!
rf has it

Well, they break our hearts, again!! :(

Goodnight, all. Sorry we could
not pull this one out ;(
Take care, all :(
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Thanks Bob…not our night…spotted too many and they just had the luck of where they fell tonight.

Darn it.

Whelp…saddle up for Northwestern boys….

Lets win another series!