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Nebraska vs Omaha - 4-11-23 - Tuesday - 6:05 pm Ctrl - Hawks Field

In any case, we would have won
except for the fine play by Satisky
at 1b. He has saved them a cpl of
times tonite
Goetzmann ab
2-0 count
2nd pitch was a little
up but called a strike
all night!! :(

3- 2

called ball 4! :(

dp, please??

brk pitch a little outside
now a ball?? All day,
it is a strike!!
1-1 on Satisky

bunt is down
and he is out at 1b

high throw!!
almost safe at 1st!!

Rosario ab
takes strike 1

s/m on brk ball!
filthy slider!!
0-2 count

chk swing on
1-2 count
hit to ss
and long throw
to 1st is not in time!!
deep to ss!!
Man, we slug and they
just dink and donk!!

nice try
1 out
men on 1st/2nd

hit to rt side
or did it hit runner?
hang on!
Or, bags are loaded
We need an interference call!

Call stands!! :)

loaded up
1 out

Bolt to the mound

Lechner ab

Jake is warming up

Can't believe they have
it loaded on another
piece of crap down to 1b!!