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Nebraska vs Iowa Game Thread (B1G Tailgate From Lincoln)


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On any of the replays did you see any open receivers.? I think he was expecting the receiver who cut his route off to continue straight.

Our protection on the blocked punt was atrocious. The protector on the left actually stepped way from the guy who blocked it giving him a straight line into the punter. That seemed to me to be the play of the game, not the pass at the end of the game. The safety was the result of a call for a slow devloping play when you were backed into the end zone. I suspect SF would like that call back.

I hope this QB stays. He has real potential. This was his first game to play any minutes and he played better than I thought he would
Yeah, bad outside cvg on the block


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Now to get ready for today's v-ball match @ Wisky @ 4:30 pm cst on
and then, the women's basketball game vs Drexel @ 6:30 pm cst on
. :Smile:
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The guy turned it over twice and threw for less than 200 yards. Get a grip
First, Iowa has 12th rated defense in country. Second, the strategy today was to be run based which we did for three quarters until SF got stupid with play calling. Third, no excuse for interception but his limited experience which is on SF contributed to the bad handoff. That said how many games has AM had two or more turnovers. He is in double digits.

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The worst part is that what do we as fans have to look forward to in the offseason and next year. Usually a team this bad goes in a different direction but here we are knowing this train wreck is coming back for another year. I don't trust Frost to hire 4 staff members that are going to impact this team at all.

I understand why Trev made the decision he did (save money plus appease the ignorant 60 to 70% of the fan base that thinks this is magically going to work out despite 4 years of evidence suggesting otherwise) but as a fan who used to love recruiting, offseason talk, the Spring Game, etc I have no enthusiasm at all because I know what next season is going to look like.

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He’s a great recruit, but he’s had horrible development. Not his fault unfortunately. We’ve really let him down.
Don’t get me wrong - I’m with you on Smothers. My “questionable recruiting” comment is more a criticism of the fact that the QB room is basically an empty shelf. I think that with the right support and development (will he get it?), Smothers could be a special player…


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I remember Scott Frost whining on national television about getting a share of the National Championship in 1998? Years after that, I was stoked to have him as a coach after his amazing job at UCF.

Turned into a solid whatever. Moments of good play calling, but mostly marginal. Terrible clock management through the career. At least he's got the team playing hard, and my kudos for the men in the trenches REALLY showing what they have - that was impressive.

I called this game with my son, another one score loss. Vegas was very stupid to put the Huskers up a score.

It'll be at least 5 years from here to get a B10 West Championship. Scott will sit in the seat next year until he's fired, and then we start all over again. Husker football isn't that much fun anymore. Too bad, because with the right staff, this year's team probably would have had a winning season. And let's give up the "sold out stadium" bs, it's been propped up for years artificially. Let it die.

Sorry to be a turd, but I've watched this program drop slowly into the abyss since the 10/21/02 (I think that's the date)
loss with OK State. However, I never thought I'd see the management of the team fail so miserably.

For the players, damn, it was a hard fought year, and I personally wish you all the very best future in and outside of football. I am amazed at the effort and the amount of talent you all displayed. Keep kicking ass!

As a fan from the late 60's, this is my perspective - and again, I'm only a fan, my position is pretty limited. Take it for what it's worth.