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Nebraska vs Iowa Game Thread (B1G Tailgate From Lincoln)

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And your solution came in and poo poo’d down his leg in a clutch situation.
Here is what 24/7 Sports says about Smother's performance today:

"Adrian Martinez's injury has allowed the Nebraska coaching staff to get a long look at redshirt freshman quarterback Logan Smothers. And Smothers proved he might be ready for a huge role in 2022. He completed 16 of 22 passes for 199 yards. He rushed for 64 yards and two touchdowns, but he threw an interception with less than a minute left in the fourth quarter as Nebraska's last-ditch drive came up short. Smothers showed a lot of toughness, playmaking and moxie in his first start."

It's clear that your review of LS is cloudy by an agenda of some kind as it does not conform to an unbiased observers opinion nor to others on this board.



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Final Game thoughts.

Nebraska puts an exclamation mark on one of the worst seasons in modern history with an absolute choke job, complete 4th quarter meltdown to lose to a lucky opponent who hadn’t made a play all day and deserved to lose by multiple scores.

This may have been one of the worst meltdowns in Nebraska history. The fourth quarter may have been the ugliest quarter of football in a long, long time.

I have said two things for the past few seasons but especially this year:

This team plays just well enough to lose.

This team chokes.

This was a total team meltdown.

But of course, the meltdown was led by a pathetic special teams’ disaster.

Up 21-9 and with the game in solid shape against a team struggling on offense, Nebraska did what they had to do to lose. On a punt, a Nebraska up-lineman made the stupendous decision to double team a rusher and let his man—the guy who blocked the punt—run by him untouched. Brilliant decision & points to the other team. Just exacted what needed to be done to lose.

Sorry guys. I was scared.

Then Logan Smothers took over from the Adrian Martinez playbook by fumbling in the backfield untouched.

Sorry guys. I was scared.

But hey, the defense bailed him out (one last time). We fair caught the punt on the 6 yard line (brilliant decision, by the way).

Then Scott Frost took over. He decided to abandon the run and drop his redshirt freshman QB into the end zone to throw pay after play. Brilliant play calling.

So, Smothers drops back, sees a rush, panics, and retreats into the end zone instead of out of the end zone.


Sorry guys. I was scared.

Nice play calling coach.

The other team drives and the defense stiffens and they kick a field goal.

Tie game. But in reality, the game is already over. It is just a matter of how.

We get the ball again. We have a dropped pass. Smothers holds the ball too long a takes a silly sack. We punt.

Our defense now does what everybody knows they are going to do.


The other team drives downfield like a knife through butter and scores basically against a good stiff wind.

Down by 7, with time running out. Can Logan Smothers loosen his collar and stop choking long enough to lead a drive to tie or go for two for the win?

What do you think?

Smothers does a good job, actually. He works the sideline and methodically moves passed midfield.

Sound familiar?

Then with around a minute to go, Smothers goes full Adrian Martinez. Under no pressure, he throws the ball downfield to an area near the goal line where three defenders are standing but not one single Cornhusker can be seen.

Interception. Game over.

Sorry guys. I was scared.

Not sure how you can make that throw. To me, he decided in the huddle that he was going to throw it there, the WR cut off his route (who knows why) but Smothers had already decided he was going to throw the ball there.

Can’t do that kid.

Chokejob complete. Another embarrassing loss. Another time when players can go to the locker room and lie to their teammates, “I love you guys. I got your back.”

You win as a team, you lose as a team. This was a total team loss.

If the players can’t learn to stop doing this to themselves. Then none of the other stuff will ever matter.


And in the offseason, someone take the bullets out of the gun that players keep using to shoot their teammates in the foot.

Don’t have anything else to say. And no, it isn’t a coincidence I did not once mention the name of the “other team.”

Why? Because they didn’t matter.

Thank God this season is over.

Take care all.
Sadly, I couldn't have said it better


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Another athletic quarterback that’s a better runner than passer. Option was working until Iowa adjusted and took the outside away. Frost’s game plan was obviously to limit Smothers throwing. Special teams crapped tgr bed again and honestly probably has cost us four or five games this season. Smothers isn’t bad but he’s limited in similar ways to Martinez. The offensive line can’t pass block. Our coach calls some dumb plays in certain situations. Our return game is pathetic. I’m sure I left something out.
Usually take too long to get to the QB!


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The fumble at mid-field was significantly more damaging than the blocked punt. That was the straw that broke the camels back.


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An unbelievable nightmarish HUSKER football season has come to a fitting close. There isn't much to say about the 3-9 season debacle that hasn't already been mentioned so I'll just add that when we as HUSKER fans think it can't get any worse, Coach Frost and his team once again manage to show us just how wrong we are.


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My point is for people to read between the lines and realize it doesn't matter who you put in there they still look the same. I didn't think I had to write that all out but apparently I should from now on.
Can't read your mind. Apparently, from now on you write it down. :)
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