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Nebraska @Purdue - 1pm ctrl on Saturday - 5-20- 23 - Alexander Field - Game 3 of 3 - Rubber match

Though I haven't seen it official yet (checked the Big Ten website), Nebraska and Rutgers (4 vs 5) should be the matchup, Wednesday at 2PM Central. The winner would likely face Maryland in the next round.
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Out doing errands all day…

Checked in best I could. Thanks @Husker Country Doc !!

OK…not the best game…but a win is a win.

Max is an All America candidate…no question.


I said I was going to be a good sport from now on vs Purdue Baseball…

Hold that thought…..

Really fun to rub a little dirt in the wound today….LOVED it!

OK…now I am really, REALLY going to be a good sport vs Purdue from now on….

Maybe…. :)


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