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Nebraska @Purdue - 1pm ctrl on Saturday - 5-20- 23 - Alexander Field - Game 3 of 3 - Rubber match

Michigan State beat Indiana tonight….amazing… took the series and good on them.

But even better…..Purdue is out!

I think we would have eliminated them tomorrow anyway and we did play a role already with the first game victory.

But as far as I’m concerned …….justice.

Purdue got into the tournament last year with some really sketchy shenanigans. It wasn’t about sports or sportsmanship at all….or even skill on the ball field.

They can sit this trip to Omaha out….and maybe think about that.

OK revenge over….I will try to be a good sportsman when we play Purdue in the future.

Revenge is sweet and not fattening.
Alfred Hitchcock

Iowa 10 Northwestern 0, final.

Rutgers 3 Minnesota 1, 5th inning.

Indiana 3 Michigan State 1, 5th inning.

Maryland 7 Penn State 4, final.

Ohio State 7 Michigan 2, 8th inning.

Basically, every team but Michigan is taking care of business today. Michigan is about to be swept by Ohio State.
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