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Nebraska @ Ohio State Game Thread (10/24/20)

I left off feeling optimistic about the team while also feeling like I learned very little new from this game.

Did anyone else think we had a couple of holding penalties on running plays (Dedrick handoffs from what I recall) that looked really tick tacky upon replay? It’s going to be really hard to beat a team like OSU when they have a 12th man like that.

Hard to believe I'd feel ok about a loss with such a score, but the fact is I feel better than I have for a while about the possibilities for this team and this program. We looked much more like a good team than we have the last couple of years. I liked the game plan in the first couple of quarters, and I thought the team made some good adjustments on how they blitzed after leaving the front door open a half dozen times early. But after a while our skill limitations on offense make it easier for the defense to cover what we are able to do. We need to broaden out our plan a bit, but I'm not sure we have the right players to do that..

I would like to have seen more Luke in the second half, since I am not convinced Martinez can get us there. I hope I'm wrong and that he can because I think he will start most of the games and play most of the snaps. 21 fumbles so far.

I think McAffrey makes quicker decisions, and better ones.

From what I saw, he will be playing himself into more PT.


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