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Nebraska @ Iowa Game Thread (11/27/20)

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double wrong, the effing guard, the effing guard whiffed, there isn't enough time, well, maybe if you think he will whiff, to adjust and move on. this isn't a tackle and you get a second or two but a guard. he got juked on a pass play that all he had to do was take a step back and engage, he lunged and was beat like a red headed step child and it cost us the chance. to come back. our offensive line is was is holding us back. that and well, I hate to beat a horse we have no control over the big 10.
He gets beat because of poor balance and footwork


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faulting AM on our final play is simply irrational.

Some folks vitriol for the staff is clouding their reality. FDS - Frost Derangement Syndrome, (also Frank, Bill, Bo & Mike variants) is preventing factual discourse and evaluation.

The D was great, Special Teams have a ways to go. 2AM played very well (so did LM), another close loss sucks, & despite a number of errors, still had a chance at the end, just like @NW. This mini season/scrimmages have been valuable learning & evaluation experiences IMO.
I agree with the D and limiting fault on AM.

But regarding factual discourse, earlier this week, I posted a long list of how our offense ranks as possibly the worst in the modern era of Nebraska football. And yes, that's on Frost. His calling card is the offense, and if anything it looks worse now than the mediocrity of his first season with Riley players.

No clue if this was a valuable learning experience. Haven't we had a helluva lot of supposed "learning experiences" for years now? The only thing Nebraska had to do in this shortened season was not crap the bed. Outside of Ohio State, there isn't a team we shouldn't have been capable of beating -- if we were coached well. When you are coming off two losing seasons under Frost, this season doesn't get a free pass when it sucks.

It's been over two years since Nebraska last beat a team with a winning record. We've lost 9 of our last 11 games. There's only five Power Five schools with fewer wins than Nebraska since 2017. It is a bad product currently where the concept of "learning experience" is applied to losers.

I'm all for Frost returning next season. But I will be far from alone in expecting a winning season in 2021 if this is to continue.

I wasn't all that pissed about today's game -- but I will not buy into a brighter future until I actually see evidence of it. Through today, Frost is best equated with Bill Jennings. Not Solich, Callahan, Bo, or Riley.
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I try not to post after losses. But....

--I am with HWM that I am numb to this.
--We have pi--ed away so many losses like this. Two this year, both against Colorado, several against NW, Indiana, Illinois, etc.
--I was encouraged by the defense after last weeks ---- show.
--Cam Taylor Britt WTH?
--There has to be a better option than Farniok. Awful.
--The hold by Benhart killed a drive.
--Austin needs to go.
--AM had no chance on the play. None.
--If we play like that we win the rest. If.....
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When the dirt chicken FG attempt bounced off the cross bar, thought, ok, let's win this thing. Friggin sack/turnover ended what looked to be another promising drive.:Cautious:

2AM was 18/20 for 174 passing on the day - thats pretty decent. Kept wishing they'd roll him out a little, as you knew they'd dial up the pressure.

Gotta say, as much as I miss a FB & power rushing game & can be critical at times .. the system works when we don't shoot ourselves in the foot. AA was wide open on that critical 3rd & long (prior drive) - if only 2AM would run through his progressions...

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To note, Iowa only ran for 2.9 YPC today. Our defense did a solid job containing the Iowa run game. Unfortunately, they were able to run a lot, as they were generally in control of the game (behind on the scoreboard for a bit over 6 minutes).
I wonder what the YPC was per half. A lot better than 2.9 in the 2nd half, I think. They wore us down.


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I wonder what the YPC was per half. A lot better than 2.9 in the 2nd half, I think. They wore us down.
I think you're probably right. They still didn't gash our defense with the running game in the second half, but they relied upon it much more for enough small chunks to eat up yards and clock.

Iowa had the ball for about 9 minutes longer than Nebraska. And that's all because they could sustain their drives significantly more than Nebraska due to at least having a capable running back/blocking.


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Letsl be fair and give this team and coaches an A+ for very innovative and creative ways to lose games! Everytime they take the field there's always several new gut wrenching disasters that the average fan can't even imagine until they unfold on the field. It brings new urgency for women to warn their signifiant others there are children here please so watch your filthy language. Yes we are so lucky to have these clown shows brought to us live and in living color on our large flat screen TV's. DONU is only paying 5 million a year to our head ring master for this exciting action packed entertainment. Where else can you simply watch TV and have your BP rocket right off the charts. Just imagine how it helps increase your heart rate simply by sitting in front of your TV with an adult beverage in your hand.

Yes sir there's certainly a lot to love about Husker football the past 20 years but even more so the past 3 seasons. I simply can't wait for the improved version in 2021 assuming my cardiologist says I'm cleared to watch more of this drivel.