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Michigan State Week Practice Thread: 23 September Coach Frost/Coaches Radio Show: Barrett Ruud

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The problem is NE fans see that as a challenge and show up even more in force. See the Washigton game a few years ago. Sports writer boasts that, "NE will not take over our stadium." Only to hear the crowd chanting go big read the last 2 minutes of the game. LOL
A 'Go Big Read' chant in the Pacific Northwest...Was that a foreboding sign of Bruce Read coming to Nebraska?
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I get the feeling that Sam actually relishes Nebraska's struggles based off a lot of his posts. He definitely does not think twice about posting sour grapes. I guess he is seasoned to know what gets the audience more riled up and he is using it to get his clicks.


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At what point do game performances outweigh practice performances? 3/8fg & 13/16pat on the year is pathetic. No other way to describe it. None of the other kickers on the team can "perform in practice"? The constant steam of head scratching decisions by Frost is just baffling to me. At least try and get better on Special teams. TRY.
Game performance outweighs practice performance when you think you have a better option at kicker.
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