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Michigan State Week Practice Thread: 23 September Coach Frost/Coaches Radio Show: Barrett Ruud

The last two games provide a lot of hidden success. First, I do not want to play the ifs and buts game but the Buffalo score should have been a lot more lopsided based on bad calls against Nebraska. The offensive pass interference call probably kept the foot off Buffalo's throat. With that being said, Buffalo is no slouch of a team. They nearly beat the #16 team this week. Second, many will argue that Oklahoma is not the #3 team. Regardless, they are a very talented team with proven coaches. Outside of the first and last drives I would say they played a really good game. I think the offense will get better as the season progresses. Unfortunately, this season is pretty brutal and looks like Ohio St may be an easier game to manage than the Michigan game at this point.

Michigan St. is going to be good. There is no doubt about this. Based off my eyes, Nebraska has played a tougher last three games than Michigan St. has. They have what looks to be a really good running back. We have a pretty stout defense. I know that Oklahoma had better athletes than Michigan St has and I know that on the road at Oklahoma was much louder than Michigan St will be. The weather will be much more desirable for this game as well.

Long story short, if Nebraska continues to improve from game to game like they have the last three weeks I feel this will be a comfortable win.


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