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Michigan State Week Practice Thread: 23 September Coach Frost/Coaches Radio Show: Barrett Ruud

That is a bingo! He made an awesome catch but it wasn't the best decision for the team.

I hope that Scott can keep the player focused on team success over self-promotion.

I think NIL will be like rust to some of the storied programs...
If I was a booster of substance (i.e., wealthy) and owned a company, I might consider trying to hire each week the Nebraska player who best exemplified team play in last week's game. If my company was Blue Howl Company, have them hold my product while standing in front of a banner that said "There is no "I" in Blue Howl Company."

For the Oklahoma game try and get Omar Manning, to recognize the things he has had to overcome as he described in his interview.

For the Buffalo game, Damian Jackson, for the 9/11 connection to his military service.

For the Fordham game I might want to go in a different direction and get the Fordham player who made 30 or 31 tackles that day.

And then for the Illinois game maybe get the bus driver who drove the team away from the rotten egg smell that they left on the field that day. ;)

Anyway, the point being, teams may be helped or hurt by how their affiliated companies implement NIL, and hopefully the Nebraska-supporting companies will be smart about it.
CB a growing problem

Four of ten penalties were on special teams

One of the most penalized teams in the country

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