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Self Quarantined b4 it was Cool
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There are several good looking movies out there for a change. Been a while since I've see any that made me want to go to a theater.

Rambo Last Blood
Zombieland 2 Double Tap
JoJo Rabbit

Trailers all look good.


Be Yourself - Everyone Else Is Already Taken
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The previews I've seen of the Joker just didn't appeal to me. I wont bother going to the theater to see this one. If I happen to catch it on Netflix or wherever, I'll watch it, but I wont go out of my way to see it.


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Thought it was a good, borderline great, movie. There was somethings with the story that I didn't like, but overall I really enjoyed it. Wish DC could figure out how to make more good to great movies like this. They have such iconic characters but end up making such awful movies.

Rowdy Reddy Piper

Here I sit, broken hearted...
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Going to change your avatar to the new one? Personally I liked the Ledger version better, but this new one was good. (Although Ceasar Romero's portrayal although campy is a classic)
Ledger is still the best. I'm going to stick with him. Plus, the quote in the gif is something I use in real life from time to time.


Scout Team
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Saw it Sunday with my 2 sons. My oldest really wanted to see it, my youngest 16 sorta wanted to see it. I was meh about seeing it. It was pretty good in a way that I liked it, but I really don't want to see it again. Does that make any sense? Kinda like when I saw Schindler's List. I liked it, but didn't want to see it again. Phoenix was really good in it.

Oh, and both my son's liked it.


It rubs the lotion on its skin.
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Dark, sad and I wouldn't be surprised to see Phoenix win several awards for it. He did a helluva job, but it is certainly not for the easily offended, politically correct crowd.