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Huskers vs Wolverines - Sat - 4-8-23 - 1pm ctrl - Ann Arbor - Game 2 of 3

Burton is batting

low, 1-0
low and inside, 2-0
called strike, 2-1
called strike, 2-2
fouled back, still 2-2
last 2 pitches same!
1 ball and 1 strike!
Like I said, waffler!
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Kim is batting

fouled out of play, 0-1
high and outside, 1-1
called strike, 1-2
called strike 3

1-2-3 inning

6-8 after 8 innings
Now, let's get a bunch......now!!!!!!! Great job, Kyle!!

Of course, now!! ;) this is it!! 3 outs left. Need to
stop leaving men on base.......if we can get them on. :)
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Voit fr still on the mound

down for ball 1 to Dylan

high brk ball
2-0 count

inside, fast ball
outside, ball to Cole
in for 1-1

hit to rt ctr
and out at the warning track
down to the last out, nowl :(
Keep thinking about Max's sac
fly last inning!! So close!!

Pitching coach cost us this game.

He was sound asleep the first inning plus. Horrible!
Brice takes ball 1
he is 0for2
3 bb

Voit steps off mound
1-0 count

ump yelling something!

just get on!!

warning the dugouts

outside for a strike!! Wow!!

2 1 count

hit deep to ctr
and game is over :(


6 8 final

Tomorrow is a noon start

Hope Will can do the job!
I think he can....if he starts


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