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Huskers vs Wolverines - Sat - 4-8-23 - 1pm ctrl - Ann Arbor - Game 2 of 3

Freshman from Whitefish Bay, Wi
17 1/3 innings
7 runs 16 hits
2-1 ration of strikes to walks

he can be had!!

Fisher is batting

called strike, 0-1
high and inside, 1-1
outside, 2-1
base hit to right

runner at 1st with 2 down

now 6-8
Good job, csker!!

ph rbi!!
6-8 ;)
getting closer, csker :)

tie run at the plate!!

Come on, Ben!!!
Columbus is batting

low, 2-0
fouled back, 2-1
outside, 3-1
outside, ball 4

runners at 1st and 2nd with 2 down


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