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Huskers vs Wolverines - Sat - 4-8-23 - 1pm ctrl - Ann Arbor - Game 2 of 3

Pitching coach cost us this game.

He was sound asleep the first inning plus. Horrible!
See I just disagree….
Pitching coach was partially responsible…but this one is on the head coach.

Call time…visit the mound, break the bad rythem…yell at the ump….start getting a reliever ready!

Do something!

Sitting there watching your kid go down the tubes is just not good coaching.

You can’t spot a team 4 runs so early and not have consequences.

I normally support Coach Bolt…but this loss is on him…that simple.

Yes we are leaving too many on base but in going through this thread and yesterday’s….

We are better than these guys!

Learn…do better…let’s win this series tomorrow!

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