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Huskers vs NW Wildcats - Saturday - 4-15-23 - 2:02 Ctrl - Haymarket Park - Game 2 of 3

Kaplan is batting

outside, 1-0
high and inside, 3-0
called strike, 3-1
called strike, full count

base hit

bases loaded, 0 outs

McElfatrick is batting

inside, 1-0
called strike, 1-1
S/M, 1-2

fly out to center

runners tag to home and 3rd

runners at the corners with 1 down


Werthly is the new Husker pitcher

Pinkston is the NW batter

low, 2-0
called strike, 2-1
fouled off, 2-2
WP, full count

now 9-2 with a runner at 2nd

ground out to the pitcher

9-2 after 7 1/2 innings


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