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Huskers vs NW Wildcats - Saturday - 4-15-23 - 2:02 Ctrl - Haymarket Park - Game 2 of 3

11.57 era for Dike

Dylan ab

pop up to rt side
on the green, Livermore
makes 2nd out
4 unassisted
C Ben Columbus lh ab

in for strike 1
rbi dbl in 2nd

chk swing
1-1 count

hit on a line over 1b on 2nd bounce!!
single :)
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Dylan ab

1-0 count
brk ball over
1-1 count

hi brk ball
2-1 count

fouled straight back!
2-2 count

fouled back
2-2 count remains

again, fouled back

high brk ball
full count

26 18
NY up on Cle

ball 4!!
inside fast ball; s/m!
Hmm!! too far inside!
0-2 count

hit to ss
and force out at 2nd
2 more lob for total of 4
end of 7 full
9-0 Huskers
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Won't make the next inning. Do what you can, csker. If you have to leave, maybe someone can help.

Austin Berggren on the mound
fr rhp

low, 3-1
runner advances to 2nd on the WP
chopped foul, full count
inside, ball 4

runners at 1st and 2nd with 0 outs


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