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Huskers vs NW Wildcats - Saturday - 4-15-23 - 2:02 Ctrl - Haymarket Park - Game 2 of 3


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Seems to be a conflict on audio starting time:

It is displaying, 53 minutes to go!! Strange. Time on display shows a conflict to the actual starting time of the audio!!

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I just discovered that the game is on B10 plus today.It is not advertised but there it is. It's the same as last week, not advertised but played on Saturday.
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2:02 starting time should be central time. I am at 12.41 mtn time, as of this minute.

Seems, there is a 1 hour discrepancy somewhere. Hmm!

I will recheck the game schedule. Be back in a minute.

Well, just gonna' sit here and wait. If it is going to be another hour to what I thought the time was, I will not be able to finish this game. We have a date to have dinner and play cards around 6 pm my time, which is 7 pm central.


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