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Happiest or most memorable win

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With a thread going with most depressing loss (for me the 2001 Colorado game as that changed an era) and with less then three weeks to kick off; want to start now doing a thread of happiest win. For me it was the 1995 Orange Bowl beating Miami to win the 94 Championship. Close 2nd is the 2001 Oklahoma game as that solidified Crouch for the Heisman.

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Happiest: Hard to pick 1 so I'll go with 3: (1)coming back to beat LSU for our first Natty in the 71 Orange Bowl, (2)the Game of the Century vs. OU in '71, and (3) Miami in the '95 Orange Bowl.

Most Memorable: Have to go with 3 I attended and was part of the pandemonium: (1) Win over OU in 1978, (2) Colorado 2008, with Henery's 57 yard field goal and Suh's pick 6, and (3) Northwestern 2013 with the Hail Mail from Kellogg to Westerkamp.


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Nebraska's greatest ever upset win. Beating a Bud Wilkinson Oklahoma team on October 31, 1959. My dad and I walked up to the window and bought the tickets. The only time I was able to share a game in Memorial Stadium with my dad.
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The 62-24 win over Florida because I got to watch it my Dad and see how happy it made him
Yeah, that was a special win for me. Being from Florida, being in a "Gators" bar and being the only person with Husker gear on, Cheering every time they scored, and at the end of it, at least half of the Gators fans either shook my hand or gave some sort of congrats on our win. That was satisfying in a big way for me.

Also, my first real big memory of Husker lore was Dr. Tom's first win over Switzer, as it's the game that really made me a Husker fan. I am still a Hurricanes fan(SHH!) but the HUSKERS will always be #1. GBR!
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