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Fall Practice (8/22/18) Offensive Coaches and Players After Practice

Drum Monkey Robot

My stomach light needs your stomach light.
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“Best chance to win” screams Martinez. I’ll keep on saying it, Martinez can simply do things the other guy can’t. I’ll wait for others to tell me about Gebbia's efficiency in walk throughs.
If “best chance to win” screamed Martinez, we’d have named him the starter weeks ago. This is an actual competition and Gebbia is very much in it. May the best man win.

Red Reign

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I’m expressing my point on why I think Martinez will win the job, relax. I’m posting on a message board, don’t think I’m trying to get the coaches attention. Again I think Martinez playmaking skills will win out. Lol
Suggest you take your own advice. Only one who appears to be 'fired' up is you.