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Disable Ad Block


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FWIW, I still can't load the front page in Chrome. It says "takes too long to respond" from my browser and from cURL on the command line. I can load the page quickly from AWS.

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Some of the ads that I've seen on the Chrome desktop site appear as though members are including them in their signature lines... kind of misleading.


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Load times are pretty bad..

From Pingdom tools - SF server:

Performance grade D 61
Page size 18.6 MB
Load time 10.02 s
Requests 2483

GTMetrix -
Performance Scores
PageSpeed Score (4%) F
YSlow Score (39%) F
Page Details
Fully Loaded Time 37.2s
Total Page Size 8.27MB
Requests 1572
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I have an iPhone 8 Plus with the latest software. Every single time I open Safari and click on HuskerMax (at least 20 times a day) the site asks me to disable my adblocker. I have done this so many times in the last few days my eyes are about to bleed. I’m not a tech genius by any stretch, but I’m also not a novice. I rarely post and I rarely complain - thus I try to live out a positive presence on HM as a fulfillment of my moniker. However, I won’t be able to keep disabling ad block every time I check HM for news. I’ll give it another week or so, if nothing changes I’ll move to another pay source. I’ll miss the in depth commentary on here, but not the futility of this ad blocker. Hoping for the best, but I’m very discouraged right now.


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Ads are a big vector for malware, trojan horses, and viruses. I had to deal with a nasty infection at work called DRIDEX from a poisoned well ad that a user was just on the page of. I use ad blocker to protect myself from these malicious actors that put these on systems which then call home to a C&C(command and control) server based overseas that just sit collecting personal information, credit card numbers, etc... They are hidden and the user does not even know they are there so reporting them is a mute point. At work we have millions of dollars in anti spam/firewall protection to catch these infections but the normal home user does not have this capability. Working in IT and IA(information security) I know better than to ever disable Ad Blockers. Bottom line is paying members should not have to deal with the risk of viruses, trojans, and malware. Just up the fee to $25 or $30 and protect those that support the site.


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Looks like money wins out in all things. Won't reup when my time runs out.
In no way should anyone pay a membership and have to deal with ads. Ever.

Either increase the membership rate or make it all free with ads. But don't take my money and then force me to help you earn extra income.
Free with ads? No way.

Could be massive flee due to protecting evil pop-up ads. Kinda like telemarketing call ....... typically unsolicited. And potential scams.
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Hah, so earlier I could continue without disabling Ad block but now, and who knows why, I am unable to continue unless I turn it off. Either it is like that for everyone or just me. If it is just me then I can only guess as to why. So if this continues I will stop coming to this site as I will not put my personal information at risk just to pad someones pocket. As a paying member I should not be subject to malicious actors. What a shame a great site chose to go down this road.