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Disable Ad Block

Positively RED

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Getting the same much of tonight on my Apple phone -- no problem on our Amazon tablet though.
Same problem on my iPhone. Turning the ad blocker off two days ago got me past the insanity of the “turn off ad blocker” window, but now I’m getting peppered with Gift Card B.S.

I was afraid of this. I’m not very patient with this kind of crap. I’m looking hard at biting the bullet on a 247 subscription. Don’t want to leave but having problems for a week now.


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I hadn’t had issues for weeks, and then I read this thread, and got a pop up instantly...:mad:


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Turning off Ad Blocker isn't even an option for me. If turning it off is the only way I can use this site then I won't be able to continue as a member. Like many others, I would be willing to pay a little more for an Ad free membership option. This is a great site and I want to support David but I cannot do that if the Ad based model is the only option.
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ABP blocked 21 ads on front page, 7 on this one.

I was unable to access the front page, at all, due to pop up forcing me to turn off ABP.
I've noticed that the pop-up does sometimes come up with the only option being "contact support". When that happens, I have to refresh the page several times and then eventually I'll see the "continue" link appear.