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Disable Ad Block


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Another annoying and unannounced pop-up message ....

"Please consider turning off your adblocker on Huskermax.com". Consider? No, required !! :mad:

Anyway, I refused to disable adblock. Try HuskerBoard.com website ...... very few ads and free membership (no fees)
On my laptop there is an option to "continue" without disabling ad blocker. Not sure about the mobile site version. Just an FYI


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Best part is, I disabled Ad Block for HM and still got the popup asking me to disable. Of course, I'm at work and the firewall may have something to do with it:


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I've had it pop-up, with the option and without, on my computer..
Usually, without option (no "Continue without supporting" option). Stuck, no escape. Even temporarily HM whitelist. Very frustrating. Could be Firefox service .....

Very irritating ,especially for paid members. I sent a comment to Max expressing my displeasure. Still waiting on a reply.
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Shouldn’t this be like an ad-free app? Why do paid members have to go through this? Is the money made worth all of the angst? The owners must not be experienced businessmen/women.


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Very irritating ,especially for paid members. I sent a comment to Max expressing my displeasure. Still waiting on a reply.
I wil reply here. This site like every other commercial site on the internet is supported mostly by advertising. Without that advertising income the site would not exist. Simple as that.

I will use this analogy. The site owners spend hundreds of hours preparing the food (site content), pay the restaurant rent (server fees) and serve the food to the customers (site readers). Instead of charging money for that food they get paid by advertisers so the site readers can eat (read) for free.

Then some site readers decide they want their food and "dine and dash" by not allowing the site owners to generate revenue from the advertisers by using an ad blocker.

We could go the route of the OWH, LJS, Wall Street Journal and others and charge a subscription in addition to the advertising but we don't want to go that route. The $20 annual fee which hasn't been raised in over a decade is mainly to enforce BBS rules and keep this a family friendly site. It has been supplemented many times with "2 for 1 Dave" deals cutting it in half and 15 year members don't have to renew to post.

Bottom line is the amount of readers that dine and dash has become a significant percentage and it's not fair to the paying (no ad blocker) customers. We want to keep avoiding going the full subscription model that many other sites have adopted. The only way to do that is to discourage ad blocking activity.

Thanks in advance for understanding our position and thank you to those that have white listed us so far. It is appreciated.


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I have ad blocker on my laptop but did not get the pop up asking me to disable. I have now probably jinxed myself.


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I pay a subscription and would even pay a bit more to avoid disabling an ad blocker. Occasionally I view via chrome so I can read embedded tweets, but then run into the malware issue. The UX is horrible on chrome, which is probably surprising to many as who doesn’t want free stuff from Amazon?;)

Interestingly, I also subscribe to the OWH and WSJ and the experience is much better. They must to a better job of managing malware and the invasiveness of ads. Actually with the WSJ, I mostly use the iPad app..


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Well after reading Max's post I turned my ad blocker off. The problem I need help with is I can not just allow ads for Husker Max its either all or nothing or I just cant figure it out. Im on Android using Adblock Fast. Also use the samsung browser any help or suggestions would be great
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