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College Football's 10 Most Dangerous Teams to Watch in 2023


Feral Cat
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Its the Fickle effect. If Rhule jumps right from Baylor and comes to Nebraska they would have a much better view of him. People have short memories. They remember Fickle going to the playoffs. They remember Rhule as a failed NFL coach.

I'm also always very interested in what they define as a returning starter. I would consider Teddy P a returning starter, but they probably don't. The new center Scott is probably not considered a returning starter even though he was a starter at ASU. Being a starter IMO is not nearly as important as having playing time.

I agree with the Fickell effect. Good point.

While I don't know what qualifies as returning starter, I also listed returning production -- which would include all players based on their 2022 production (starters and non-starters). That seems to be the trend with the college football analysts -- production over starts.
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