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Worst Strike Call in the History of the Sport

Showing up the umpire should have nothing to do with it.
It has everything to do with it.
If an umpire makes a terrible call, it will be dealt with by other officials and their governing body. A player making a scene on the field during the game is not going to overturn a call. A coach may issue a challenge to the officials, but not the players.

What happens in other sports if a player doesn't like a call and decides to "show up" the official? It typically results in technical fouls, personal fouls, and ejections.

Next time you get a speeding ticket, I encourage you to argue with the officer about his integrity and maybe he will void the ticket.
Showing up the umpire should have nothing to do with it. The integrity is to call it a strike if it is and a ball if it is! nothing else.
Agree...the official should have warned or talked to the kid after the 2nd strike. Either way, it is the type of incident that really hurts the officiating profession.


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