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"We want big kids..."

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Refreshing indeed. Almost as refreshing as him humbly complimenting fhcsf rather than ragging on him. Both Scott and Mickey kinda threw dirt on the previous HC. It rubbed me the wrong way, as minor as it was and winning would have made it quit forgettable, but unnecessary nonetheless. Nobody new how bad the previous coaches here have been more than the fans your talking too.

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I think Rhule's recruiting strategy and ability to develop players fits very well into the Husker mold…time will tell.


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Mickey was under extreme pressure and clearly, it all came to a front and his message is lost after yesterday. I think that is more damage than anything he did.


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"We want big kids who like to hit people." -Bob Devaney

"We want fast kids, big strong kids that love football." -Matt Rhule

The proof is in the pudding, but Rhule is at least saying things that I haven't heard at Nebraska for 20+ years.
So to all those complaining about 6’6” plus OTs … maybe they’re not so bad?
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