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Ultimate Music Thread

Leo is great. He took that Tom T Hall tune (Pamela Brown) and made it his. I have a double album (yes, LP) of his. And I happen to have that exact John Hiatt album also, CRR. I agree with your assessment of the song list, but some but some mighty good tunes on it.

Cry Love, Wrote It Down And Burned It, and Dust Down a Country Road are the other stand outs on that Hiatt album


Found this accidently. Didn't know much about Dave Alvin, but he has had a long career with many collaborators. This song was written with members of Los Lobos (love them). Their version is on the album "The Ride". I like Dave's version better.

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If the 1 video a day rule still applies, let me know Enjoy some of my favorites!

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