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Ultimate Music Thread

Hooked on Huskers

I'm old as a rock
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Russia's Dimash Kudaibergen vs. America's Justin Bieber. Actually he was born in Kazakhstan ..... used to be USSR until 1990 breakup. But very close ties (Russia-Kazakhstan).

BTW, most profit was donation ...... orphan or homeless person, old folk's nursing homes, cancer research, etc. Good for him.

She took part in "2019 World's Best", representing her country alongside Dimash. 12 years old kid. Kazakhstan team mate.

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Red Reign

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One of the great old school metal bands. Saw these guys last week in Sturgis with Pepper Keenen back in the band on vocals and guitar. This is the opening cut from the new album. The Black Sabbath influence is quite appearant but with that being said they have always had their own sound. One of my favorite metal bands....



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Be the 3rd year in a row that I am going to this show, same venue no less. They added a singer/keyboardist between the first time I saw them and the second time, and it changed the dynamic, but in a good way. Looking forward to the show in about an hour.

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