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Ultimate Music Thread

Hooked on Huskers

I'm old as a rock
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His wide vocal range of at least 6 octaves. Russia roots (father side) and Kazakhstan (mother). Fluent English France, German, Spanish, Italian and native language :Eek: .

He agreed to perform at the X Factor Show during his visit to UK. Simon Cowell and lady judge cried during his performance.
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Something for when you have 25 minutes to spend. Parts maybe could be turned into tunnel walk?

Liking Part V the best on first listen.

I The Birth 00:00
II An Ode to Kalevala 02:44
III The Northland Trials 06:07
IV Old Man's Lament 08:56
V The Forger of Horizons 12:22
VI Witch of the Abyss 16:34
VII Battle for the Celestial Sphere 18:31
VIII Restoring the Sun and the Moon 21:05
IX Eternal Bliss 23:04
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Hooked on Huskers

I'm old as a rock
5 Year Member
I stumbled across One to One! international show via YouTube. I totaling enjoyed it. Some episodes funny, other episodes, original singers clones.

One to One! Russian talent show based on the Spanish series Your Face Sounds Familiar. The show involves celebrities (actors, television personalities, comedians) portraying various iconic singers each week.

The show challenges celebrities to perform as different iconic music artists every week, which are chosen by the show's "Randomiser". They are then judged by a panel of celebrity judges. Each celebrity becomes transformed into a different singer each week, and performs an iconic song and dance routine well known by that particular singer. The 'randomiser' can choose any older or younger artist available in the machine, or even a singer of the opposite sex

Men pretending women singers.... Britney (Baby, one more time), Shakira (Whenever, whenever) and Tina Turner. Hilarious!

And Vice-versa. (Freddie Mercury). Pretender: Ksana Sergienko gal. Actually not One to One! show. This show ended in 2016. But next season, renamed "Exactly the Same" show ..... different host and judges but the same format.

Clone. Outrageous Lady Gaga act (typical). Pretender:Teona Dolnikova

Serious. IRA conflict song. Tearing apart children families and even crossfire victims. Judges and me touched.

BTW, Lots of Russia peoples are fluent both English and native language.
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