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The one-win poll

If NU you only wins 1 game this year...

  • Frost is retained

    Votes: 48 87.3%
  • Frost is fired

    Votes: 5 9.1%
  • Frost resigns

    Votes: 2 3.6%

  • Total voters


Frost will be here until Moos comes out and gives the deadly "vote of confidence" press conference. Two years from now in my opinion. The buy out is more affordable in two more years and no one can say five years was not long enough. However, if the stock market stays where it's at next year, boosters of substance will have a lot more cash to throw around one year earlier. A one win season next year and all bets are off.


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What is Nebraska “culture”? Win some games already?
Understood. I'm most frustrated with the teams inability to execute consistently, but I do see a foundation of young players we can build on. Year 2 at UCF was a well oiled machine. Frost was the no-brainer hire of 2017. Even this year we have the talent to be a > .500 team if we could just stop shooting ourselves in the foot. Did Frost and his staff forget how to coach after 2017? Personally I don't think so, but rebuilding a Power 5 team just might take a little longer than a Group of 5 school. That said, we are unquestionably underperforming in year 3.


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HCSF is not going to be here if we have another losing season. I am not sure he survives 2020 with a one-win season. If he does it goes to show how bad a product is acceptable in Husker land. We are a bad team this season This team is not progressing it is showing signs of regressing. HCSF team of 2018 would have won by two or 3 scores.


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If he stays with a one win season then our attendance streak vanishes. It is really hard retaining interest when the losses become commonplace, the coaches statements don't change, we continue to make costly mistakes (can't we find a center that can make a snap consistently), good players leave and succeed elsewhere, NFL stops looking at our graduates, etc.

Really, really too bad, since he is a good guy and it seems that he would really like to succeed here.