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The one-win poll

If NU you only wins 1 game this year...

  • Frost is retained

    Votes: 48 87.3%
  • Frost is fired

    Votes: 5 9.1%
  • Frost resigns

    Votes: 2 3.6%

  • Total voters


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Well, unbelievably, we are facing the prospect of a 1-win season. Mitigating that is we had no cupcakes and it wasn’t a full season. So if we finish with one win, is Frost retained? I vote that he would be, because 1) the mitigating factors, and 2) the substantial buy-out. But I don’t necessarily think it’s automatic.

I also think Frost has a deep love for UNL, and I think there’s an outside chance he could resign with just one win, although a buy-out would be negotiated.

What’s your vote if we end up with one win?

lo country

Frost is the CEO so ultimately success or not rests with him. Historically, NU has always given a coach some chances to make adjustments. Solich fired Bohl (IMHO Frank should have been kept), Cally was stubborn and fired, Bo went through a revolving door, but was eventually let go. Riley gave us Diaco after firing his good friend via text IIRC. I think Frost has to make some tough decisions. We have some glaring issues....I'd look at Austin, Verduzco, giving up OC duties. People blame Chin (I am not a fan of the scheme he is married to) however, our only win was because of the D. The game was close today because of the D....

All of this to say he stays for the remainder of his contract. Again, IMHO, consult in the off season with a more tenured OC. A guy who knows the B1G. Same with defense. Yes we do something similar to Bama related to rotating the front 7, but we are near Bama in talent. I'm partial to a 4-3, especially if we can't generate pressure.

Side note-Our culture is a complete dumpster fire. Frost is responsible for some of that....


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Thanks to the extension that Frost "earned", I think he still has six years left after this season. Unless he resigns or agrees to a reasonable buy-out as a favor to NU, I don't think we can afford to write a $30 Million (after this season) or $25 Million (after next season) check... plus the cost of staff buyouts. I'm afraid we are stuck for a while.

Ever since Frost was hired, it seems like everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.

Bigger Ed

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IIRC, they were advertising season tickets late in the summer before Riley's second year. The harder it becomes to sell tickets, the shorter the leash Frost has before they pull the plug. If next year is sub .500 and the Kornhusker Kops antics continue, Frost will find himself on a very hot seat.

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Frost is retained and (hopefully) will be expected to make necessary adjustments in his coaching lineup, and possibly in his own responsibilities.

Reginald VelJohnson

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He's not resigning and he's not getting fired. Shaking up the assistants on staff is a good idea, in theory, but Frost picked the assistants he has now, so how do we know he'd have the wisdom to made better hires then. Also, the NCAA ok'd an additional coaching position a couple years back and Frost gave it to a ga. He reminds me very strongly of Pelini in this regard in that he seems to believe deeply enough in his own ability, that he thinks he can pull guys along with him while they grow into their positions. Were I a betting man I'd say in 3 years we'll be marginally better on the field and running out the clock to move on from Frost.


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You could add a little more to the poll question...What people think “should” happen or what “will” happen. I could vote in multiple ways based on the words should and will. :thumbsup:
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Frost is here at least through 2022, but we do need to show improvement. Personally I'd give him his full 7 year contract. Frost understands the Nebraska culture and we've tried the musical coaching carousel already. I'd much rather have Frost, than a Callahan come in and gut the Husker traditions.


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Yikes, this is eerily similar to a poll for former HCBC. I suggested he resign and was lambasted for that presentation. To resign is a sign of defeat and quitting, was pretty much what I was told. I used the word integrity and that got it even more heated, lol. If FHCBC had any integrity he would resign, is what I said and my goodness that set some hair on fire. I dont see Scott resigning without being forced to do so. He will protect his staff until the bitter end