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Stoltenberg retires from football – as a player at least


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So it was only posted 2 hours ago but if I missed it I feel bad that I did.
OMAHA–– Mick Stoltenberg wants to continue a career in football. Only now his pursuit will be in coaching, not playing.

His body let him know it was wise to lean this way, and not pursue a pro career between the lines.

“After kind of sitting down with trainers and doctors, I kind of decided to hang it up. That was the best decision for me,” the former Husker said on Wednesday at the Outland Award banquet, where leading Husker seniors were also recognized.
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Best wishes for him. Undoubtedly a difficult and disappointing decision to have to make.

I’ve learned that often times we find that there’s different dreams at the end of the path we were really meant to take.
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Hope he finds success at whatever he decides to in the future. No one can ever question he wasn't 100% Husker and always will be....... Best of luck Nick.....


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Not surprised. Best of luck, Mick. I would almost say he should have hung it up during the season. Two more surgeries in the fall with rehab and then getting back on the field?